Jack of all Trades, Master of One


Stayte (Vancouver)

Simple Shelter (Washington)

Revolting Cocks (RevCo)

Ministry (co-conspirator)

Lunaville (Las Vegas)

V.H.S. (Paris/L.A.)

The Total Phuken Muncho (Miami/L.A.)


2013 - 'What Remains' (Film Score)

2011 - 'Walking In The Land Of Wind And Ghost' (Starring/Director)

2010 - Stayte 'The Two Sisters' music video (Director/editor)

2010 - Dead Love Club 'Lies' music video (Actor/Singer)

2009 - Ministry: Adios...' (Cameraman) *Grammy Nominated

2009 - 'The Burning Plain' starring Kim Basinger (Non Speaking Actor)

2009 - 'Year One' starring Jack Black (Non Speaking Actor)

2008 - 'Wicked Lake' (Non Speaking Actor)

2005 - 'Almost Beautiful' (as Simple Shelter/Actor)


Electric Festival: Austria (MC/Entertainer)

The Jim Rose Show, Las Vegas:  Palms Casino (Host/Singer/Stunts)

Masquerade Ball, Puerto Rice (Co-Host/Entertainer)


'Keys To The City' Chicago Blackhawks theme (singer/writer)

    as seen on #1 Hockey video game: 2010 EA sports hockey

'Send Me Angel' featuring Jake E Lee and Karma Cheema (vocals)

    as seen on 'TBA'

Ministry 'Cuz U R Next' (singer/writter)

   as seen on #1 Music Video Game: 'Rock Band' / Wicked Lake soundtrack

Ministry 'Under My Thumb' (backing Vocals)

    Grammy Nominated song from 'Cover Up'

RevCo 'Wizard Of Sextown'

    as seen on #1 film: 'SAW V' Soundtrack


Ministry 'Bang A Gong' (Vocals)

    from the 'Wicked Lake' soundtrack & 'Ministry: Cover Up'


RevCo 'I'm Not Gay'

    as seen on NBC #1 show: CSI / CSI soundtrack 

 Stayte 'Slip Your Mind' Industrial song of the year (singer)

    Multiple websites / Internet radio sites


1995             Idle Elysium -  Self titled

1996             The Garden -  Enemy Upon Us

1997                  Carbon 6 -  The Way In

1998                    STAYTE -  Growing Pains

                  Simple Shelter -  Silent Suffering

1999         Simple Shelter -  In Dreams Walk With Me

2000                     STAYTE -  Untitled Cover Album

2001                     STAYTE -  Slip Your Mind Maxi-Single

2002                    STAYTE -  Abandon In The Amber

2004                        T.P.M. -  Unreleased Boy-band cover Album

                  Simple Shelter -  A Phoenix From The ashes

2005        Untitled Project -  Unreleased album with Meegs Rascon

                                   V.H.S -  Modern Day Merlin EP

                        Compilation -  A Vision From The Ashes (feat: Stayte and Simple Shelter)

                   Untitled Project -  Unreleased album with Paul Barker

2006                      RevCo  -  Do You Think I'm Sexy (live bonus track)

                  Simple Shelter -  Behind Me: The B-Sides

                  Simple Shelter -  'The Video's'  DVD

2007                    STAYTE -  Cognitive Dissonance

                               Ministry -  The Last Sucker (backing vocals)

                               Ministry -  Wicked Lake Soundtrack 'Cuz U R Next' (Main Vocals)

2008                      Ministry -  Cover Up (Bang A Gong, Radar Love, Under My Thumb backing vocals)


2009                       RevCo -  Sex-o Olympic-o 

                                 RevCo -  Sex-o Mixxx-o

                         Soundtrack -  Saw V

2010                     STAYTE -  The Two Sisters

                   Simple Shelter -  All Is One

                                 RevCo -  Got C**k?

2011                Soundtrack -  Walking In The Land Of Wind And Ghost

                    Simple Shelter -  All Is One DVD (Feating a one-hour video presentation)

2012                    Lunaville -  Self titled EP (feat. Jake E Lee)

        The Great American't -  Untitled EP

2013               Soundtrack -  What Remains

                                  Stayte -  Untitled 

                   Simple Shelter -  Ascend (Part 1)


RevCo 'Abundant Redundancy'  - Clockworks mix  from 'Sex-O Mixxx-O'

Left Spine Down 'Ready Or Not' - Hairlip Smacker mix from 'Voltage 2.3'

Mankind Is Obsolete 'Trouble Dreams'  - Quiet hill mix from 'Manic Resession'